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Sportswear refers to a category of clothing specifically designed for physical activities, sports, and athletic pursuits. It encompasses a wide range of garments and accessories that prioritize comfort, functionality, and performance. Key components of sportswear include moisture-wicking materials, flexibility, breathability, and durability. Sportswear is tailored to the demands of various sports and exercises, providing athletes and fitness enthusiasts with the appropriate attire to optimize their performance while ensuring comfort and safety.

Typical sportswear items include athletic t-shirts, moisture-wicking shorts, leggings, sports bras, sneakers, and performance-enhancing accessories like sweatbands or compression garments. Over the years, sportswear has evolved from basic, utilitarian designs to stylish and fashionable clothing that can be worn not only during workouts but also in casual settings, reflecting the athleisure trend. Major sportswear brands continually innovate to incorporate cutting-edge materials and technologies, contributing to the overall advancement of athletic performance and style in the sports and fitness industry. Sportswear has become a symbol of an active, health-conscious lifestyle.