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Forklifts, also known as lift trucks or forklift trucks, are indispensable industrial vehicles designed for material handling and transportation tasks within warehouses, factories, and construction sites. These versatile machines are characterized by their unique front-mounted forks, which can be raised and lowered to lift, carry, and position heavy loads. Forklifts come in various types, including counterbalance, reach, and pallet jacks, each tailored to specific applications.

The operator sits in a cab or stands on a platform, controlling the forklift's movements with a steering wheel and foot pedals. Forklifts offer precise maneuverability, making them ideal for navigating tight spaces and stacking goods on racks or shelves. They play a critical role in logistics, efficiently moving goods, loading and unloading trucks, and improving warehouse productivity. Safety is paramount when operating forklifts due to their potential for accidents, making training and certification essential for operators. Forklifts are essential tools for modern industry, streamlining materials handling and contributing to the smooth flow of goods in a wide range of business sectors.