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Telescopes refer to optical devices or lenses designed to magnify distant subjects, allowing photographers to capture detailed and close-up shots of objects, landscapes, or celestial bodies that are far away. Telescopic lenses, commonly known as telephoto lenses, are an essential tool in a photographer's kit, providing a significant focal length advantage over standard lenses.

Telephoto lenses come in various focal lengths, such as 70mm, 200mm, or even 600mm, and they enable photographers to achieve a narrow field of view with powerful magnification. This makes them ideal for wildlife photography, sports photography, and astrophotography. Telephoto lenses are also prized for their ability to create a shallow depth of field, resulting in stunning background blur or "bokeh," which isolates the subject and enhances visual impact.

Overall, telescopes in a camera context are indispensable tools for photographers seeking to capture distant or elusive subjects with precision and clarity.