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In the realm of photography and videography, "Lighting & Studio" refers to the equipment and techniques used to control and manipulate light to achieve desired visual effects. This crucial aspect of camera work encompasses various tools and setups designed to optimize illumination in controlled indoor environments.

Photographic studios are specially designed spaces where photographers and cinematographers can create a controlled environment for capturing images or videos. These studios are equipped with a range of lighting equipment, including softboxes, strobe lights, continuous lights, and various light modifiers like reflectors and diffusers. These tools allow professionals to adjust the intensity, direction, and quality of light to achieve the desired mood, contrast, and exposure for their subjects.

In addition to artificial lighting, studios often have backdrops, props, and sets that can be tailored to suit the photographer's creative vision. This controlled environment enables photographers to have precise control over every aspect of their shots, ensuring consistent and high-quality results for their projects. Whether for portraits, product photography, or cinematic productions, a well-equipped Lighting & Studio setup is indispensable for achieving professional-grade imagery.