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Belles-lettres, a term of French origin, refers to a genre of literature characterized by its artistic and aesthetic qualities, focusing on the beauty of language and expression rather than informational or utilitarian purposes. It encompasses a wide range of creative and imaginative literary works, including fiction, poetry, essays, and literary criticism. Belles-lettres often explores profound themes, emotions, and human experiences, transcending mere storytelling or factual discourse.

This genre places a strong emphasis on literary style, employing vivid imagery, figurative language, and rhetorical devices to evoke emotions and stimulate intellectual engagement. It is a realm where writers craft their prose or verse meticulously, aiming to elicit not only intellectual contemplation but also aesthetic pleasure in their readers. Belles-lettres invites readers into a world of imagination and reflection, where the beauty of words and the power of storytelling converge to create a lasting impact, making it a cherished and enduring facet of literature.