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Property refers to a tangible or intangible asset that an individual or entity owns, possesses, or has legal rights to control. It encompasses a wide range of assets, including real property (such as land and buildings), personal property (such as vehicles and furniture), intellectual property (such as patents and copyrights), and financial assets (such as stocks and bonds).

Ownership of property typically comes with certain rights, such as the right to use, sell, lease, or transfer the property. These rights are protected by laws and regulations, and property ownership is a fundamental concept in most legal systems.

Property can serve various purposes, from providing shelter and essential resources to generating income and wealth. It plays a crucial role in economic systems, as it can be bought, sold, invested in, and used as collateral for loans. Property rights are essential for fostering economic development, individual liberty, and a functioning society while also raising complex ethical and legal questions about ownership, use, and distribution of resources.