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Agriculture tires, often referred to as ag tires, are specialized rubber compounds and tread designs designed to meet the unique demands of farming and agricultural machinery. These tires play a pivotal role in modern agriculture, as they provide the necessary traction, load-bearing capacity, and durability required for various farming activities.

Agriculture tires are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to suit different farming applications, from tractors and combines to plows and other heavy machinery. Their deep treads and reinforced sidewalls offer superior grip on various terrains, including muddy fields, rough terrain, and paved roads. Additionally, they are engineered to carry heavy loads, ensuring that farm equipment can operate efficiently while minimizing soil compaction, which is crucial for preserving soil health.

Innovations in tire technology continue to improve fuel efficiency, reduce soil disturbance, and enhance overall farm productivity. Agriculture tires are a vital component of modern farming, facilitating the efficient and sustainable production of food and other agricultural products.