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Published: 21-10-2022 | Expire: 19-01-2023


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PCE Instruments supplies a range of photovoltaic meters to suit all budgets.

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A photovoltaic meter is very useful for the planning and maintenance of solar parks. The photovoltaic meter is commonly used to search for the best location and also to check photovoltaic modules for efficiency. Due to the fact that solar energy is nowadays one of the most important alternative energys, it is interesting to invest in this sector for long term benefits. Photovoltaic installations use solar radiation heat to produce energy from solar light. A good plan is indispensible before installing a photovoltaic park.

The photovoltaic meter allows the user to record direct sunlight over an extended period of time. Radiation values are stored in the internal memory of the meter for further analysis.

Purchase Advice on a Photovoltaic Meter

Considering the effects and risks of nuclear power and the currently still common fuels such as coal, oil, gas and wood for the generation of electrical energy and heat, the use of renewable energies is becoming increasingly important. Photovoltaic meter application.The technology for using the solar energy is now so well developed and widespread that the solar systems are often not only more environmentally friendly in production and operation than conventional energy generation in a long-term comparison, but also considerably less expensive.

Solar systems can basically be divided into thermal solar systems and photovoltaic systems. Whereas in thermal solar systems water is heated by the sun and then used for heating or hot water, photovoltaic systems generate electricity with the help of the photoelectric effect due to the sunlight.

To ensure that the modules of a solar system are positioned and aligned in the best possible way for the intended purpose, a special photovoltaic meter can be used to determine the solar radiation incident at the intended location during the planning phase. In cases where the mounting position cannot be freely selected, the possible solar yield for a specific module area can be calculated with the help of the radiation intensity determined by the Photovoltaic Meter. For the planners and installers of the solar systems, but also for the operators of larger systems, the photovoltaic meter is almost always a useful investment.

Areas of application for a Photovoltaic Meter

Measurements during the development and manufacture of the photovoltaic modules
There is a constant search for ways to manufacture high-performance photovoltaic modules from easily accessible materials at low cost. A photovoltaic meter is used on the prototypes to determine how effectively the developed models convert the incident solar energy into electrical current. There are already investigations with materials that are also able to use the UV light. Also during the quality assurance of photovoltaic modules produced in series the measurements are carried out with a suitable solar measuring device. The measurements are intended to ensure that only flawless modules leave the factory and that the defects in the manufacturing process are immediately detected and eliminated.

Measurements in the plannin

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